Saturday, February 25, 2012

birth story

So, I finally decided to write my birth story...or Scarlett's.

Of course Luke had just left, and it had been about a week and me and my mother-in-law basically just sat at the house doing nothing but waiting for a baby and to hear from Luke.

December 15th 2011- I thought my appointment was today, so I got ready to go and was there on time at 830AM...little did I know, I was wrong and it was actually tomorrow, on my due date. So me and Karin(mother-in-law) asked if we had to turn around and come back tomorrow, but thankfully the nurse said that someone could see me now! So I get weighed and everything checked like usual, and the midwife comes in, I'd never had her before, but she was amazing! They checked my blood pressure and it was higher than usual, so they talked about it for a minute, then checked it one more time and it had gone about 170/90. I was still at 2 cm, and 80% effaced. But they decided to send me up to the L&D right away. So we went up the the second floor of the hospital, got checked in, got my room, and Karin went and got all my stuff back at the house. It was now about 930AM, so I called my mom and she had to do a few more things before coming, so she said she would leave at about 3PM. They gave me my gown, set up my IV and started the pitocin at about 1230PM. They had started it very slow, but then a new shift came in and sped it up a little. So, a few hours later my mom showed up at about 5PM, and soon after that my contractions were getting stronger so I asked for the Stadol...and let me tell you, it hit me right away, then I easily drifted off into a nice nap for I think 2 hours or so. So when I woke up I think I was at 6 cm and feeling okay still. So I just sat there bored and waiting while fighting contractions. Then that wore off and at about 10 I asked for some more...they had told me earlier that they won't do it after 8 cm for the safety of the baby. They didn't even check the second time, and just did it. Once again, that helped a little. At around 12AM, I was 10 cm and 100% effaced. And at 1AM, my midwife told me that I might start feeling it soon, and feel the urge to push, but not to push just yet...about a minute after she said that I felt it and just had to push! I wasn't taking breaths like I should've so I needed a little oxygen. I pushed for about 30 mins or so, and there she was! She was born at 1:47AM @ 6lbs, 10oz & 20 inches long! She was so clean, that everyone was surprised. And of course she was as perfect as they come( still is!).

At about 5Am, I was about to be taken up to my new room on the mother & baby floor, but right before that, Luke got a chance to call, and he asked how I was, and how she was. And that was pretty much it before he had to go. His mom had put a picture of her on his facebook wall, but I didn't want anyone else to know(besides family) that she was born before he knew. He saw the picture and said she's beautiful and has her mothers nose!

The whole birth experience and labor was very easy and smooth. The hard part was a few hours later when he still wasn't there and he won't be til she's older. That's the part that made me cry!

And now here we are! She's almost 2 1/2 months old, and getting closer everyday to having him back and being done with this deployment!

She's an extremely good baby and has quite the personality already. She's very stubborn, silly, and sweet like her parents. She only gets the dorky-ness from Luke. Right now she's just chillin' in her swing, enjoying a nice nap. Which means that I can eat dinner!

Side note: sorry, I'm not a writer, so forgive me if it's horrible.

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Tom and Amy said...

I love this! That is so awesome that you got the midwife...and that you didn't have to push too long!! I need to write Jim's. Hope ya'll are having a good week!